This is our core activity. Using top of the range software tools we can offer you consistency and speed to meet your demands. We have translated text in printed form, such as business cards, labels, adverts, correspondence, certificates, leaflets, books, catalogues, drawings, manuals, video scripts, etc., and in electronic form, e.g. subtitles, instrument displays, software, websites and presentation slides

We have supplied interpreters for many different occasions, e.g. business meetings, conferences and seminars, court cases, interviews, telephone and video conferencing.



Our experienced voice-over artists have worked on many different productions, for example: corporate, leisure and tourist videos; commercial and TV shopping programmes; multimedia and training material; automated telephone information services and in-flight announcements; and their voices have been used for computer games and gambling machines

This is a vital service to avoid any errors in your final publication. Documents or websites frequently require proof-reading to eliminate any mistakes inadvertently introduced during typesetting or website production

In order to succeed in foreign markets you have to tailor your product to local requirements. This applies in particular to software and multimedia projects. Let us help you develop the right strategy for internationalising your software and benefit from a reduction of time-to-market and the cost of your localisation

We can help you with telephone marketing and surveys, getting you the right contacts and leads for your markets, abstracting, adaptation, copywriting, subtitling, transcription. We have also carried out foreign language presentations on behalf of clients when interpreting was not an option